The CREC learning circle is a ‘community of practice’ (Wenger 2002).

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better by interacting regularly.

Over recent years CREC's Directors have supported many students to successful completion of MA , MPhil and PhD degrees.

The Centre is working to establish, regionally and nationally, a research community of scholars who are committed to children and family services.

The CREC Learning Circle has met regularly since 2003 for presentations or discussions on early childhood issues, and includes students, policy makers, local authority leaders and visiting academics.

From this learning community will come the future leaders, tutors and thinkers for this key area of social, educational, health and economic policy.

The meetings usually take place in CREC once a month, 4.30-6.00pm and are free, supportive and open to all with an interest in early childhood studies.

The meeting usually begins with an agreed input from a participant and is followed by a discussion. 

Once a year, in the summer, the Learning Circle has a rural ‘walk the talk’ session, sharing a research paper and a light meal as a group.

Join our group by requesting to join on the group page or by emailing Helen Lyndon


2018/2019 Schedule:

Calendar of events set out by members at the September 2018 Learning Circle meeting.

Please remember that there is always the opportunity for general discussion too. These events are not formal, please do try and make it to some/all - whatever suits! 

All of the Learning Circle meetings listed below have been created as Events on Facebook - simply click on the blue text to open the event and hit *Attending* to let us know if you're coming!!

A complete list of the Facebook Learning Circle Events can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CRECBirm/events/

Wednesday 17th October 2018: Alison Moore — TBC

Thursday 15th November 2018:

Tuesday 4th December 2018:
 PED Talks x 4 — Presentations TBC

Wednesday 16th January 2019: Chris Pascal & Tony Bertram — TBC
Tuesday 12th February 2019: 

Monday 11th March 2019: 
Children's Rights 

Thursday 11th April 2019:
PED Talks x 4 — Presentations TBC

Monday 13th May 2019: 

Wednesday 12th June 2019: 
Paola Pedrelli — TBC

Friday 12th July 2019: Walk the Talk in Hartlebury

NOTE: The Learning Circle schedule for 2018/19 was discussed and decided at the September 2018 meeting. If you were unable to attend the September meeting but would still like to put yourself forward for a presentation in the coming year, please notify Helen Lyndon via the Facebook Learning Circle group or email s.overton@crec.co.uk as the presentations stated above are subject to change.


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