Black Lives Matter: A Statement of Support and Solidarity


The world these past weeks has been shocked by the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, USA and the overbearing force and violence used against protesters angry at his death and at the response of the establishment, but also at decades, if not centuries, of social, economic, and political inequality and injustice.

Racism in any and every form is abhorrent and CREC would like to take this opportunity to state that Black Lives Matter and offer its support and solidarity to the movement that bears that name.

We do, however, recognise that a statement alone is only a small step and on its own insufficient to contribute to the necessary changes that our society needs to make to ensure that it is just and fair for all, regardless of colour or creed. We may only be a small organisation, but we are part of the bigger system and we can play our part in initiating change.
As an organisation, we commit to continually reflect on the ethics and distribution of power and our position and responsibility within those dynamics through the work we do. Where we possess power, we commit to using it morally or redistributing it where possible. Where we fall short, or when we identify gaps in what we do, we commit to being open and honest and working to remedy those things that we can do to fix our small part of the system.

At times of darkness, we need light and we hope the unnecessary tragedy of George Floyd’s death provides a catalyst for positive change through the galvanising of the international community to acknowledge and address its many systemic flaws which cause our black communities to be socially, economically, and politically disadvantaged.
The early years community, of which CREC is a part, has its part to play and we hold on to the belief that by getting it right in the early years we can put in place strong foundations for tolerance, equality and justice in our society. Therefore the work we do, and the way we encourage our students to engage in their communities can, we hope, make a positive difference.

Our thoughts at this time go out to the family and friends of George Floyd, and, we repeat, Black Lives Matter.


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