Cardiff settings embed CREC EEL Programme to improve practice


Multiple Cardiff settings to embed Effective Early Learning (EEL) Programme to improve practice

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting an EEL training session for a group of dedicated practitioners from Cardiff. 

We were approached by Jan Comrie, headteacher at Grangetown Nursery School in Cardiff whose school has been identified as a specialist centre, delivering CPD & school support to schools within five local authorities.

As part of their proposal, they wanted to offer the EEL Programme as a quality improvement tool for schools.

We are delighted to once again be part of the EEL Programme, planning to deliver training to a variety of schools and settings across Cardiff and neighbouring authorities during the forthcoming year.

As a Nursery School in Cardiff, we've used EEL in its entirety for many years. We place the observations of children at the core of this process.

As an SLT the Adult Engagement schedule forms a vital part of our monitoring and performance management procedures. But most importantly the link between Involvement and Well-being supports curriculum development and provision, putting the child at the centre of all we do as practitioners. 
We're looking forward to further developing our professional relationship with CREC over the coming months. 

- Jan Comrie, Headteacher, Grangetown Nursery School, Cardiff.

EEL and BEEL (Baby Effective Early Learning), are programmes of supported self-evaluation and improvement for all settings that provide early education and care for young children aged 0-7 years.

Both EEL and BEEL aim to provide a supported development strategy for all ECEC providers, with well tested systems for ongoing quality improvement.

"As an internationally well tested and evaluated setting improvement programme, I believe that EEL and BEEL will deliver the quality improvement in early years settings that Jan and her colleagues in Cardiff are looking for.

Experience has shown that not only will it lead to better quality learning experiences for children but it will also strengthenen staff teamwork, improve communication between staff, parents and children and empower those at the front line to promote excellence in practice more widely."

- CREC director, Chris Pascal

If you and your organisation are interested in finding out more about the EEL and BEEL courses run by CREC, please send your initial enquiry to


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