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Learning Circle

The CREC learning circle is a ‘community of practice’ (Wenger 2002). Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better by interacting regularly.

Over recent years CREC's Directors have supported many students to successful completion of MA, MPhil and PhD degrees. The Centre is working to establish, regionally and nationally, a research community of scholars who are committed to children and family services. The CREC Learning Circle has met regularly since 2003 (see PDF’s below for a range of topics) for presentations or discussions on early childhood issues and includes students, policy makers, local authority leaders and visiting academics. From this learning community will come the future leaders, tutors and thinkers for this key area of social, educational, health and economic policy.

The meetings usually take place in CREC once a month, 4.30-600pm and are free, supportive and open to all with an interest in early childhood studies.

The meeting usually begins with an agreed input from a participant and is followed by a discussion. 

Once a year, in the summer, the Learning Circle has a rural ‘walk the talk’ session, sharing a research paper and a light meal as a group.

Forthcoming Learning Circle Programme for 2011 - 2012

  • • Thursday 13th October 2011, 'My experience surviving a PhD viva' (Dr Nicola Smith)
  • • Thursday 17th November 2011, 'Preliminary Analysis of an on-going research into leadership styles' (Paola Pedrelli)
  • • Thursday 8th December 2011, 'Prepare a joint learning circle on 'Communities of practice'  for EECERA & BECERA 2012 (Prof Tony Bertram & Prof Chris Pascal
  • • Thursday 12th January, 2012, TBC
  • • Thursday 9th February, 201, TBC


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