GCSE Requirements for Level 3 EYE's - Our View


CREC’s view is that the best early years system, which has the highest outcomes for children, is one which supports and develops a highly qualified workforce.

There has been much discussion recently about GCSE Maths and English requirements for Level 3 Early Years Educator staff, and the plan to no longer accept Functional Skills qualifications as an equivalent.

There are arguments on both sides of this debate, but what is most apparent is the confusion, instability and uncertainty that the planned imposition of these new criteria are causing.

Added to the current uncertainties over funding rates, and the extension of ‘free childcare’ in 2017, it is all combining to becoming a very precarious situation, and certainly not one conducive to high quality services.

Each of these pressing issues (and there are others) needs to be raised, but the sector also needs to be careful that arguments do not become conflated.

At present, there is a danger that the wider public may see the sector as saying that the way to #SaveOurEarlyYears is to argue against government plans to raise the qualification levels of staff.

No one is saying that professionals working with young children should not possess good levels of literacy and numeracy, but the expectations need to be appropriate to job level, and applied consistently.

We would ask the government to quickly review this matter and provide the rationale for why it no longer feels that a Functional Skills qualification is not sufficient for a Level 3 Early Years Educator, when it has the confidence in that qualification for all other Level 3 courses.

Given the growing confusion and dismay, it would also be highly beneficial to provide clear guidance to all providers, current staff, and Level 3 students (current and potential) on what is required of them now, and in the near future.


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