Happy New Year - Directors' Message 2019


As many of you return to work this week after the Christmas break, CREC directors, Dr Chris Pascal and Dr Tony Bertram, share their New Year's message for the CREC family...

Dear CREC Friends and Colleagues,

 As 2019 begins we would like to take the opportunity to thank each of you for your valued contribution and membership of the CREC learning community. Your participation in the life of CREC ensures it remains an active and developmental learning community for all who join it and ensures CREC has life, energy, and capacity to continue to advocate for the highest quality services for all young children and families in every local community.

 At the start of this new year, it is important to remind ourselves that together we create a context for dialogue, debate, passion, and knowledge generation which holds early childhood policy, practice, and research together in a synergetic relationship. These relationships allow us, in all of our individual locations, to view the future with a determination to continue to make progress in developing high-quality provision and programmes for our youngest children and their families.

 In this time of clear threats to our democratic beliefs and continued economic uncertainty, our passion, shared intelligence, and collaborative intent becomes even more important.

 We are looking forward to working with you all during this new year to make our voices better heard and ensure that despite these difficult times we can continue to work passionately and enthusiastically on behalf of our youngest and less advantaged citizens.

 With warmest regards and best wishes for the year ahead,

Chris and Tony
Professor Christine Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram


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