How can we use recorded music effectively in Early childhood settings?


Ex-CREC MA Student and Early Childhood Music Specialist, Nicola Burke, has led a yearlong piece of research into auditory environments in early childhood settings and the use of recorded music (CD’s, MP3 players). The overarching question has been “How can we use recorded music effectively in early childhood settings?” The aim was to explore this and to raise awareness in the sector regarding auditory environments. We often think very visually and tangibly about how we set up spaces for children’s play, the auditory environment is often not considered and there are limited guidelines around this subject.

As a result of the research, Nicola has produced an online resource which will be free for early childhood educators to use. The purpose of the resource is to share findings, as well as offer practical suggestions for educators to enable them to create rich music listening experiences for young children. The resource will be launched at a free event at Mac Birmingham on the morning of Friday February 26th, 2016. The event is free to attend and details can be found here:

Please do spread the word, Nicola is trying to raise awareness of children’s listening abilities and to encourage educators to use music effectively – not to limit it to ‘background’ music. Nicola is also trying to start a debate about what is appropriate music to play in early childhood education. More information about how you can join the debate online and on social media will follow shortly!

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