Learning Outdoors in Early Childhood Module at CREC from September


Why does being outdoors matter so much for young children? What does really effective and satisfying outdoor play look like?  How can practitioners be supported to provide inspirational learning in the outdoors?  Learning outdoors in early childhood is an exciting and rapidly expanding field both in practice and research.  Drawing from the rich heritage of outdoor play inBritishNursery School pedagogy, the deep significance of spending abundant time in rich outdoor environments is becoming increasingly evidenced and ever more important in the contexts of contemporary western lives. 

Designed for professionals working in the early childhood field who have a strong interest in playing and learning outdoors, this module provides an extensive opportunity to investigate the main theories and pedagogies relevant to contemporary educational practice outdoors and introduces the relevant issues and debates, encouraging critical and independent appraisal.  Both content and assignments present opportunities to acquire the theory base and knowledge that will enable participants to develop their practice with greater understanding, awareness and critical insight, and include:


  • Child development and the foundational role of experience outdoors
  • Learning and well-being theories and their application in practice outdoors in early childhood
  • Pioneers and models of early childhood outdoor provision and pedagogy
  • Understandings of space and place through environment and landscape disciplines
  • International perspectives and the provocations they pose for contesting practice in theUK
  • Reflection, evaluation and action research on current provision and practice.


Designed and facilitated by Jan White, and carried out over one year as distance learning with training days at CREC in Birmingham, this new double module will provide a postgraduate certificate carrying 60 credits, and the subjects introduced can be further researched towards an MA Education (Early Years) – it will be possible to do a whole Masters on Being, Playing and Learning Outdoors!



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