New academic year at CREC: Message from Directors


Dear CREC Students and Colleagues,

These last months have given all of us personal and professional challenges that have demanded extraordinary reserves of energy, creativeness, resilience and compassion as we have navigated life during this ever-developing COVID pandemic. As the new academic year begins we are writing to assure you all of CREC’s commitment to keeping you safe and well and our excitement about working with you all on a new year of study and professional development.
Social distancing is such an alienating requirement but we accept it is a vital necessity for now. We have been working hard over the summer to find ways of responding to this reality and making real our CREC spirit of mutuality, friendship and companionship as we learn together. CREC will be opening its office and training rooms for small group meetings in the next couple of week but accept that for the foreseeable future learning at CREC will be a blend of online and face to face interaction for most of our students.


We really appreciate your commitment and active participation in making this work for everyone and are really looking forward to welcoming you all to our CREC community this year and sharing many rich and passionate dialogues about young children and the professional challenges (and opportunities!) they bring.
With warmest regards,
Chris and Tony


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