CREATIVITY AND THE ARTS in early childhood - YEAR 2

Key Facts            

Type of course: Post Graduate combined (taught and research) worth 60PG credits.
Study options: Face to face (5 days) plus distance learning
Duration: 1 year
Start date: September 2019
Accreditation: Birmingham City University
Credits: 60 PG credits
Fees: £1,625
Tutors: Peppy Hills and Debi Keyte-Hartland 
Entry requirements: 60 PG Credits - Arts based


Who is this course aimed at?

This pathway is aimed at students who have already gained 60 PG credits exploring creative elements of EY practice. If you have any queries about your suitability for this module, please contact Helen Lyndon.

No previous experience of the arts is necessary.

What are the main themes?

The key areas of focus include:

- Exploring the impact and role of creativity and the arts on your own pedagogy
- Critiquing current theories and practice, issues, and debates related to creativity and the arts and it's role in children's learning
- Developing strategies of reflection to envision future development
How will it help my practice?


You will increase your qualities and skills as a reflective practitioner.

You will consider your own role in disseminating arts based practice to a wider audience and identify further areas for your own professional development.

By examining the role that creativity and the arts can play within early education experiences, you will be able to further develop your practice to maximise the opportunities you influence to nurture young children's natural creativity.

Key dates for 2019/20: 

Day 1 - Monday 7th October 2019 

Day 2 - Monday 11th November 2019 
Day 3 - Monday 2nd December 2019 
Day 4 - Monday 20th January 2020 
Day 5 - Monday 2nd March 2020 

Assignment 1 (20 PG Credits) submission deadline: Monday 13th January 2020  
Assignment 2 (40 PG Credits) submission deadline: Monday 29th June 2020
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