**NEW MODULE** leading multilingual settings

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Type of course: Post Graduate combined (taught and research) worth 60PG credits.
Study options: Face to face (5 days) plus distance learning
Duration: 1 year
Start date: October 2017
Accreditation: Birmingham City University
Credits: 60 PG credits
Fees: £1,525 (payment facilities by request - email s.delaney@crec.co.uk)
Tutors: Rose Drury
Entry requirements: An undergraduate degree is generally requested as applicants will be expected to study at Post Graduate level, however applications from practitioners without degrees, but with relevant experience, are encouraged.

Who is this course aimed at?

This new module has been created for professionals interested in developing leadership skills in multilingual early years settings.

It is relevant for those working in all areas of care and education, including children’s centres, multi-professional teams, advisers, trainers and consultants, as well as schools and nurseries.

What are the main themes?

In the 21st century, UK society is becoming ever more diverse and increasing numbers of multilingual children are entering early years settings.

Most practitioners in the UK now work with children who speak more than one language and who bring a wide range of linguistic and cultural experiences.

This module aims to provide practical support for developing leaders in the field, firmly based on current research and theory.

The key areas of focus include: 
- Working with multilingual children and their families;
- Potential benefits of bilingual learning;
- Building on children’s linguistic and cultural experiences;
- Debates around theories of multilingualism;
- Historical developments: from diversity to super-diversity.

It will also provide insights into principles and methods of research.

How will it help my practice?

This module provides an opportunity to explore the main theories and pedagogies relevant to leading practice in multilingual early years settings.

It encourages critical and independent discussion and reflection on key issues and debates in the field.

The module promotes opportunities to undertake a small-scale research project on an aspect of practice in order to develop the skills of critical reflection and implications for supporting multilingual children and their families. 

Dates for 2017/18:

Thursday 12th October 2017
Thursday 9th November 2017
Thursday 7th December 2017
Thursday 1st February 2018
Thursday 15th March 2018

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