CREC & HAWWC Boys on the Early Years Podcast


CREC directors, Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram, joined the folks at the Early Years Podcast last month to talk about the HAWWC Boys Research Project and share some of their personal insights and experiences from the project.

It’s a great listen and one you definitely don’t want to miss -- though, at 49 minutes long, it's a bumper episode so you might want to grab yourself a cuppa and settle in for this one!

The Early Years Podcast Episode 013

Professors Christine Pascal OBE & Tony Bertram, July 2016



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The Early Years Podcast is hosted by Richard Duddy and Heather Stallard:

"There's a lot of inspirational people involved in childcare from practitioners to professors and we thought it would be great to share some of their stories. So, we'll be talking to people who work in the field who may inspire, challenge and/or encourage us to think about how we can deliver childcare for the better."

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