Ann Gross & Karen Pearson at CREC


Ann Gross, Director of Early Years, Extended Services and Special Needs Group, Department for Education & Karen Pearson, Head of Early Years & Service Integration, Directorate of Children, Young People & Families, Birmingham City Council have met with CREC Directors, Professors Chris Pascal & Tony Bertram on Thursday 14th June for an information seminar led by the CREC Directors.

CREC has a strong reputation for undertaking reviews, reports, evaluations and consultancy work with many UL local authorities, NGOs and countries. Examples include the British Council, QDCA, OECD, Portugal, Qatar, South Australia, Birmingham and Gloucestershire.  Professor Chris Pascal has written extensively on early childhood development and the quality of early education services and most recently sat on the Expert Panel of the Dame Tickell EYFS Review and Professor Tony Bertram is the sole English Trustee on the Board of DECET, a network of European organisations promoting diversity and equity and he has written extensively on early childhood.




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