CREC Research Paper Archive

CREC firmly believes in the importance of practitioner research as a way of generating new knowledge and providing an alternative narrative to more objective, distanced methods of research.

Through our various MA modules, PhD's, and the work and support of the Learning Circle, CREC has amassed a large archive of practitioner research.

CREC has identified those which it feels have a particular value (normally commended by the academic markers) and, with the agreement of the authors, have made them openly available for other early years practitioners and researchers to access, and hopefully use, to inform their own practice and academic study.

Our aim is to add to this archive over time as other high quality practitioner research is completed by our students.

Each assignment has been made available free to access and download as a PDF file, and contains a useful summary and key words section to help you find research relevant to your interests. 

We ask that any use of these research papers is correctly attributed if used in any writing or presentation. To help you to identify research of interest we have created an indexed summary table of keywords here.

We hope that you find this archive of practitioner research useful, interesting and enlightening and helps to support and develop your own work and studies.


Involve me and I will understand'; The reflections of the participants in a creative art project in a children's centre drop-in by Janet Law

How can [two named children's centres] work more effectively together to improve outcomes for children and families? by Elizabeth Jane Rouse

Practitioners and parents; living in a 'third space'? A study of perceptions of 'British Asian' parental involvement in their children's nursery education by Nicola Smith

Creating a more participatory practice for children in early years; an action research project by Helen Lyndon

Exploring early years practitioner perspectives of the place of the child’s voice in documenting their learning by Gail Goldberg

The influence of professional cultures on collaborative working in children's centres by Wendy Messenger

Developing a methodology and instrument for recording and analysing adult-child touching behaviours in Foundation Stage settings by Sally Teare

The use of recorded music in early childhood settings by Nichola Burke

Is the transformational leadership model I practice working? by Louise Andrews

Exploring perceptions of how I influence and effect change to motivate team members by Louise Moreton

What is the nature of communication between two year olds in a musical free play environment? by Charlotte K Arculus

Can songs increase the English vocabulary learning of a group of mixed first language children attending an international school in Germany? by Diane Lim-Kemper

How do practitioners create inclusive environments in day care settings for children under the age of five years with chronic health conditions? An exploratory case study by Jackie Musgrave

How to develop more effective assessments of the needs of families and children through multi-agency working by Linda A Dunn

Investigating the potential of a ‘Snapshot Analysis Tool’ to explore the effect of gender on touch-relationships between practitioners and children in an Early Years childcare setting by Sally Teare

A case study of movement and physical development affordances of outdoor play by Caroline Duffy

How might storytelling and structured visual images be used as a pedagogical strategy by practitioners in furthering understanding the English number system? by Deanne Brettle


2018-19 MA enrolment poster