St Thomas Children's Centre responds well to demographic changes


Europe is constantly changing and evolving and these developments happen at every level - local, regional, national & European. In the EU the main trends in demographic change include an aging population, low birth rates, changing family and household structures and migration. 

However, some cities defy the trend. Birmingham, for example, is seeing an increase in birth rates and its share of youth population. Clustered under 'Diverse cities', Birmingham as well as Bologna, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, and Stockholm all have a high proportion of migrants, although migration seems to be quite difficult to determine in data terms.

Cities for Active Inclusion is a dynamic partnership of nine European cities - Birmingham, Bologna, Brno, Copenhagen, Krakow, Lille Metropole - Roubaix, Rotterdam, Sofia, and Stockholm. The aim of this partnership is to share information, promote mutual learning and carry out research on the implementation of active inclusive strategies at the local level.

One of the issues illustrated in a report by Cities for Active Inclusion is the complex demographic changes and the ways in which the cities deal with this. The case study for Birmingham focus on 'family support' and St Thomas Children's Centre has been used as an example of a family supportive structure to ensure the active inclusion of children both now and in the future.

To read the case study, please click here.

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