The following set of films have been made available for training and knowledge transfer purposes as part of our HAWWC Boys Research online resource.

We have created a set of video blogs that feature white working class parents talking about their parenting practices and partnerships with early years practitioners. 

We have separated the videos into 5 key areas (these correspond with the 5 information sheet headings):

1 - Challenging Stereotypes: Complexity in White Working Class/Low Income Families
2 - Child Temperament and Capacities
3 - Family Relationships and Attachments
4 - Home Learning Environment
5 - Setting Strategies and Practices

Each key area contains a number of videos that can be viewed in full on the CREC website and are also available to view, share and embed via our YouTube channel.

To access the complete list of videos for each section, simply click on the relevant thumbnail image below:


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