Who we are - the centre for research in early childhood 

The Centre for Research in Early Childhood, more commonly referred to as CREC, is the home of CREC in Birmingham (Charitable Trust) and Amber Publications and Training (APT) .

Established by Professor Chris Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram, CREC has been working to improve Early Years provision for over 20 years.

Located in the St Thomas Children’s Centre near Birmingham city centre, CREC specialises in early childhood research which has relevant and meaningful outcomes for practice and policy.

Some of its research is transformed into training and development programmes designed for the specific needs of the early years sector.

CREC also offers undergraduate and postgraduate research degrees .

CREC has a strong reputation for undertaking reviews, reports, evaluations and consultancy work with many UK local authorities, NGOs and countries.

Examples include the British Council, QDCA, OECD, Portugal, Qatar, South Australia, Birmingham and Gloucestershire.

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