MERYC-England (Reg. No.1169504) was officially established as a charitable incorporated organisation on 6th October 2016, with headquarters formally located at CREC. 
Building on the MERYC-UK network that has been operating since 2008, the newly named MERYC-England charity is looking to the future as an organisation for developing its annual creative platforms for sharing and dialogue in early childhood music education practice and research.
Part of firming the foundations for the organisation is MERYC-England’s close links with CREC:
"Having an operational base at CREC means we can develop close working partnerships in the future, giving a strong voice to the role of music in early childhood education and care with a firm foundation in research that listens to the voices of children.

- Dr Jessica Pitt, Chair MERYC-England

Charitable Objectives

MERYC-England's charitable objective will focus on advancing the musical education of children aged 0 to 5 years through promoting and raising the quality of research and practice in this area.

It does this by:

• Promoting the integration of research, theory and practice by organising and funding meetings for that purpose;

• Attempting to increase the quantity and quality of research that will inform early childhood musical experience by supporting research initiatives of all kinds; 

• Attempting to raise the quality of practice in early childhood music by encouraging evidence-based practice, critical reflection and the adoption of principles of social justice;

• Keeping under review policies that affect early childhood musical experience and education;

• Providing support and advice to other organisations and schemes whose aims and activities are concordant with the aims and principles of MERYC-England;

• Acting as a representative body to the European Network of Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children (EUNET-MERYC) and to the International Society of Music Education (ISME) Early Childhood Commission (ECM);

• Engaging in any additional activities that further the aims of the organisation as approved by the committee.


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