hawwc boys: parent and practitioner information sheets

A key outcome of the HAWWC Boys project was to develop a strategy to document and disseminate the knowledge gained, in a variety of formats and forums, to achieve maximum impact for underachieving white young boys.

The following parent and practitioner information sheets make up part of our online resource, which aims to summarise and promote effective parenting and foundation stage practice for achieving school success and enhanced social mobility, for white working class boys. 

The information sheets summarise the main facts, findings and action points from the HAWWC Boys project under 5 key headings: 

1 - Challenging Stereotypes: Complexity in White Working Class/Low Income Families
2 - Child Temperament and Capacities
3 - Family Relationships and Attachments
4 - Home Learning Environment
5 - Setting Strategies and Practices

All 5 information sheets are available as interactive PDFs and can be accessed via the thumbnail images below:






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