EEL & BEEL Training Featured

16-Oct-2015 This week our EEL & BEEL training has been featured on the Astec Solutions blog, where they discuss it's value for early years settings.

The folks from Astec Solutions attended our two-day training earlier this year and have been busy applying what they learned ever since. It's always lovely to hear from people we've trained and worked with in the past and this post is particularly stirring as it reflects our own view on the power of this training.

"Quality improvement projects require a lot of work, but I would always argue their benefit. If you cannot understand how your setting is working and how you can make it better, it will remain stagnant. Our practice is the bedrock of all that our nursery is built upon. If we spend the time investing in it, the return will overspill into each aspect of our business." - Heather Stallard, Early Years Consultant at Astec Solutions Ltd

Pop over to their website now and read the full article.

For further information about EEL/BEEL and ACE visit our MA in Education page.
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