High Achieving White Working Class (HAWWC) Boys Project Update


The HAWWC project aims to addresses the policy of how we might enhance the educational achievement of young, white working class boys to close the gap in their attainment on entry to compulsory schooling, improve access to the free early education offer and enable greater social mobility. 

We have been working affirmatively with a carefully selected cohort of high-achieving, young white working class (HAWWC) boys, their families and early education settings from three regionally selected urban, rural and coastal communities.

The next stage is to develop these parents as 'Parent Ambassadors' who will act as positive role models in their communities. We will also be capturing and disseminating some of the key practical learning outcomes through online platforms. In these ways we hope to influence home and setting behaviours and interactions that can enable underachieving, less advantaged, young, white working class boys to experience more positive home learning experiences and access a quality, free early education place and improve their attainment.

We have completed our initial fieldwork in North Yorkshire and Oxfordshire and are underway in Birmingham. We are delighted to announce that we have a 4th cohort in Teeside starting later this year.

We have met some wonderful families so far who have shared some amazing stories of their sons' and families with us. We're looking forward to working with them further and sharing their wisdom and knowledge.

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