Learning Circle Reflections - March 2017


The March 'Learning Circle Reflections' come from Faye Stanley.

This month's Learning Circle on March 23rd focussed on preparing for a PhD viva (defending your doctoral thesis).
Doctor Jenny Worsley from Wolverhampton University offered practical guidance, support and advice having recently gone through the process. The key points were about preparing for a viva and using this as an opportunity to celebrate and 'show off' your work with a group of experts. A discussion also took place in relation to choosing an external examiner. It was suggested that the external examiners are also experts in an aspect of your thesis and an author you would have used or referred to. Some of the questions that they may ask you may include:
- the gaps in the knowledge that the research fills 
  • - the research questions
  • - phases of the research process undertaken
  • - what you answers tot he questions are
  • - the contribution of the thesis to academic/professional knowledge
In terms of preparing for your viva, some tips included staying calm and confident, argue each point and demonstrate your depth and breadth of knowledge, and remember that you are the worlds expert on your research area. Jenny also shared her thesis and showed how she had written cue cards on each key point and had marked and identified sections throughout the thesis. This was passed around the table for discussion and some 'hot seating' questions took place to see how the learning circle members responded.


Click on the image below to access slides from the session.


The next Learning Circle meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 26th April and will be lead by Alison Moore and Aline Cole-Albaeck. It will focus on Children's rights.

The Learning Circle meetings are open to all with an interest in early childhood studies.
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