Learning Circle Reflections - October 2016


The second Learning Circle meeting of 2016/17 was last Thursday and we were delighted to welcome some new members to the group. 

This month's meeting focused on 'Publishing Platforms' and we heard from a number of Learning Circle members about their experiences of publishing, both online and in print.

The October Learning Circle Reflections blog once again comes from Helen Lyndon:

"It’s wonderful to welcome new members to the group and so exciting to hear how research questions are being considered and formulated. Today we reconnected with Jannine and welcomed Kathryn and then discussed research proposals around using affirmative enquiry and life stories as a methodology.

When discussing publishing platforms we discussed books and journal articles, as well as online short pieces.
Around the table we had the editor of EECERJ, book editors, authors, as well as chapter contributors, and discussed strategies for submitting proposals for books and how to find like minded colleagues for collaboration.

We were offered the advice ‘believe in yourself and what you have to offer through your writing’.

Here you’ll find links to some of the Learning Circle members' writing:



Finally we shared dates of conferences:
Maybe some future writing collaborations will emerge from the colleagues we meet!"

- H. Lyndon, 13th October 2016

The next Learning Circle meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 16th November, where Liz Rouse will be leading discussions around 'Informed Consent' in research. 

If you're on Facebook, make sure you join the CREC Learning Circle Facebook group and add the Learning Circle meeting events to your electronic diaries.

See you there!

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