MERYC England (formerly MERYC-UK) awarded charitable status - confirms CREC as headquarters


Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children (MERYC) UK, now MERYC England, has recently been awarded charitable status and we are pleased to say that CREC has become its formal head office.

MERYC England focuses on advancing the musical education of children aged 0 to 5 years through promoting and raising the quality of research and practice in this area.

Building on the MERYC-UK network that has been operating since 2008, the new charity is looking to the future as an organisation for developing its annual creative platforms for sharing and dialogue in early childhood music education practice and research. Part of firming the foundations for the organisation is MERYC-England’s close links with CREC.

Dr Jessica Pitt, Chair of MERYC-England told us they were delighted to become a charitable incorporated organisation. She said:

Having an operational base at CREC means we can develop close working partnerships in the future giving a strong voice to the role of music in early childhood education and care, with a firm foundation in research that listens to the voices of children.

Prof Chris Pascal, Joint Director at CREC commented:

CREC is delighted that MERYC England has been granted charitable status and its headquarters are now formally located at CREC. We welcome the energy and expertise this lively music organisation brings to the early childhood field and believe there is a lot of synergy and shared objectives in our two organisations, with much potential for further collaboration .


The next MERYC EU conference is due to take place in June 2017 in Cambridge and the call for papers is now open! To find out more about the conference, and MERYC England's new charitable status, please visit their website.

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