Funded places available for BME and/or male teachers - Aspirant Leaders Programme 2019/20



Please note enrolment for this course and the funded places opportunity are now closed. If you are interested in running this course for your organisation, please contact us to discuss this. If you are interested in studying leadership at postgraduate level, please visit our MA in Education page.


For the fourth year running, the Birmingham Nursery Schools TSA, working in conjunction with the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), is offering a fully-funded* leadership development programme for ambitious teachers who wish to develop their leadership skills and confidence in order to gain promotion. This course is open to all teachers working in Nursery or Primary Schools in the Birmingham area.

The programme aims to provide participants with a variety of tools, theories, knowledge, skills and confidence. The facilitated approach will encourage participant involvement and will aim to embed new ideas by promoting experiential and reflective learning.


Leadership of practice excellence is central to the focus of the course, with strong additional emphasis placed on developing participants’ confidence and enhancing their personal capacity and capability to become the next generation of leaders.

This is an ideal short course for those who might be considering embarking on NPQML or NPQSL in the near future.

Want to know more?

Please refer to the Programme Brochure for more details regarding the structure of the course, entry requirements, and programme of days.

If you are interested in joining this cohort please complete the application form: 



*The DfE is providing full funding to support 10 BME (Black Minority Ethnic) and/or male teachers to complete the course, in order to develop and diversify the leadership profile across the sector.


Feedback from some of the teachers who have studied with us for far:

"This course has had an immense impact on my professional development. For the first time in a long time, I have actively and explicitly reflected on my skills, not only as a teacher but as a leader. It is great to know that I have the potential to lead change. I feel confident in my abilities as a leader and I am now looking forward to the next chapter in my career." -  Saeeda 


"This course has had a significant impact on my growth in both knowledge and understanding of effective leadership. It has enhanced my confidence in taking on a leadership position in my current setting, which is not something I would have looked into before the course. It has also allowed me to think and take action on my future career development." - Sanam

"The course has provided me with knowledge and understanding of how my role in leadership has an impact on my team. It has made me aware of the skills that I already have and where I need to improve to become an effective leader. It has provided me with an opportunity to have an insight into the broader role head teachers have in early years settings. The course has also made me aware of the impact as a leader I have with colleagues, parents and the senior leadership team of the school. I have more confidence in my skills and have become less critical of my abilities." -  Anjeeta

"The course has been fantastic! I feel I have developed from a relatively inexperienced class teacher into a confident leader. This is all despite my school role not changing. The main change has been in my own perception of myself, through academic reading and discussion. I now know what effective leadership looks like and see myself as capable of it. Also, I have been able to identify some areas of my leadership which could be developed and have been given time and resources to make strides forward towards this." - 

"This course has made me realise what leadership is. It has been insightful to understand my own leadership style, and of those who I work with. I found it really beneficial to visit other settings to see the leadership styles they have. This course has given me more confidence in the decisions I am making at my own setting." -  Adrian

"This course has helped me to see the skills that the leaders I admire are sharing. It has helped me to pinpoint areas that I need to develop to become a more effective leader. It has allowed me to study the leadership ideas that have impacted on my view of my own setting and the strengths and weaknesses there but also to consider what I admired or would like to change." -  Samina

"The course has given me the opportunity to shadow leaders within my own setting and another which has been very informing and interesting, allowing me to gain an insight into the role of a leader. This experience supported by the underpinning theory at the CREC sessions meant that I am aware of different leadership styles and approaches adopted by leaders and the styles I feel I wish to adopt. The course has required me to reflect on my own practice and leadership styles which has been very interesting for me, something I would not have done in such depth otherwise." -  Shabana




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