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To highlight some of the exciting new MA modules on offer at CREC, we've asked a few of our fantastic tutors to tell us a little bit more about the modules they'll be teaching to help you decide whether you should #studywithCREC!

To start us off Shannon Ludgate, lead tutor for the 'Leading the Use of Digital Technology' module, explains a little bit about the use of digital technology in the early years...

Digital Technology - Its current use and future potential

As we’re all aware, children’s use of digital technology both at home and in early year’s settings has gradually been increasing in recent years.

In fact, studies have shown that children are using these technologies for a range of activities, including reading, to create stories, to Skype and to use the Internet in different environments.

While supervising the use of technology with young children differs throughout educational settings, children are able to access a wide range of material and apps, designed to support or enhance their learning and development.

These apps are specifically targeted at children and promoted to a young age range through familiar characters such as Peppa Pig and Angry Birds.

Throughout the Leading the use of Digital Technology module, I will be encouraging students to engage in debates concerning these apps available to children, and ask them to look at different approaches to using technology with young children.

Participants will be able to share their experiences of how their school or early years setting engages in technology use; explore the myriad technologies available and accessible to children today; and develop their awareness and understanding of ways in which technology can be used with children in their early years.

Ask yourself:
•What is the role of technology within the early years?
•Is there a stigma attached to technology which may impact on young children using it?
•Are there any dangers to children using technology?

We will be considering these questions at CREC for the duration of this exciting new MA module!


A bit more about me

My own research focuses specifically on young children’s experiences of using touchscreen technologies within their early year’s settings.

Early findings have shown how children use technologies for a range of purposes, including to play games, watch educational content, learn the alphabet and take pictures. However, access is restricted for internet use and using applications such as Skype.

I hope that my research can offer participants the opportunity to understand current and differing experiences of young children’s technology use, outside of their own early year’s settings.

For more information about the Leading the Use of Digital Technology MA module with CREC, including 2017/18 course dates, fees and entry requirements, please visit the MA Module page, here.


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