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We continue our exploration of the exciting new MA modules at CREC , with this piece from Rose Drury. Rose will be heading up the Leading Multilingual Settings module and has a wealth of experience studying multilingualism in the early years.

Multilingualism in the early years - Supporting young multilingual children

In the 21st century UK society is becoming ever more diverse and increasing numbers of multilingual children are entering early years settings - most practitioners work with children who speak more than one language.

Young children’s linguistic and cultural experiences – at home and at school – are often overlooked because of the emphasis on learning English in early years settings and the assumption that young children will ‘pick up’ English naturally and very quickly.

Research studies examine the complexities of the process of learning English as an additional language (EAL) and challenge some of the ‘myths’ about the ‘Silent Period’ or early learning experiences of children as they enter an English medium setting.

Throughout the new Masters module ‘Leadership in multilingual early years settings’ we will engage in critical discussion about issues and debates in relation to multilingualism.

Participants will share their experiences of supporting multilingual children in early years setting and undertake a small scale research project on an aspect of practice working with multilingual children and their families.

A bit more about Rose

Dr Rose Drury is an early years lecturer with extensive experience of teaching bilingual children in the early years.

Rose's research focuses on fostering multilingualism as a resource and making the most of the richness of experience that arises from linguistic diversity in the early years.

Her aim is to support participants on this module to respond positively to the challenges faced as practitioners working with young multilingual learners in the 21st century.

For more information about the Leading Multilingual Settings MA module with CREC, including 2017/18 course dates, fees and entry requirements, please visit the MA Module page, here.


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